How to Enter

Step 1

Select the event you would like to participate in.

You can do this in a number of ways:
a. Go to “Full  Calendar” Under “Waht’s On” and you can get a quick overview of all the Scheduled Events available in all the disciplines. If you click on the event a page will pop up showing you the details of that event. You can then select the  Entry Form and confirm payment for that event.
b. You can go straight to “Current Events” under each discipline section and follow the process from that point.

Step 2

Once you have made payment, you will receive an email giving you further instructions.

You will be a ble to go and view your entry under “My Account” in “Member Info” and then upload photos/and or videos according to the additional prompts

Step 3

Once you have selected all the classes you want to enter, you need to view your entry form ie your “basket”. If you click on “View my Basket” you will see a list of all the classes you have selected to compete in. You can still edit this list by deleting or going back and selecting other classes to add. You will then have a complete list of classes on your entry form.

Then click on “Proceed to Checkout” and you will get a screen confirming your entry form with all the classes and fees due. When you complete this order (entry form) you will also receive a username and password for future reference and login.

Step 4

Click on “Place your Order”. This will confirm that you are sending in your show entry. Payment is made in advance on confirmation of entry form and all details will show on this page. For now we will accept EFT’s. Please do the payment as soon as possible using the “Order Number” as a reference, NOT your name.

You will receive an email confirming your entry form and a second one confirming the classes entered.

So now you have entered your first Online Show with Horse Shows Online, congratulations!

Step 5

You have received two emails: one email confirming your entry form; and a second one confirming the classes entered.
You will need to login again to load your photos and videos.

By clicking on the individual items in the second email you can then load the images and/or videos relevant to that class. These are all loaded individually to give you time to get videos done, or find the right photograph. The closing date of the show is important as all submissions must be uploaded by midnight on that day. No entries will be accepted until payment has been received. You only have 48 hours to make payment and submit your photos.

Step 6

Once you have uploaded all your photos and/or videos check the “Programme” to make sure your entries have been received and loaded. If there is a problem please email When judging has taken place the winners will be posted on the “Winners” Gallery.

You can also view, edit and change information under the “My Information” section.

Enter a Training Event

ThinkingRidingInline is an online Virtual Training platform designed to encourage equestrians to participate without leaving home.
Have your skills and progress evaluated and ongoing progress accessed by highly qualified and experienced judges and coaches. So go to the Calendar and enter a training event, be assessed by top judges, learn - and have FUN


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