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Thinking Riding

ThinkingRidingOnline is an online platform designed to encourage equestrians to submit videos and photos for training and evaluation purposes without having to actually physically go to a show, but will still having an opportunity to be judged/evaluated  by highly qualified and experienced judges.

All entries are via photographs or videos and are submitted online.

ThinkingRidingOnline is designed to provide a fun way of entering in a variety of classes in each training event and discipline. Training Events will be available in Traditional Showing classes, Dressage tests, Eventing tips, and general riding skill sets, Tentpegging and other disciplines

Training videos and tips and information will be available online through our Resource Library to further enhance knowledge and facilitate participation

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Thinking Riding





To offer/create:

  • A place where people can show off their horses irrespective of the weather, proximity to suitable training venues and traveling distances
  • To reduce the cost of having trainers come to you, which can be prohibitive.
  • In the case of an injury which prohibits the horse from being ridden, they can still participate in certain classes
  • To build confidence in riders that are on the peripherals of main stream competition but lack the confidence and experience to go to a showing show
  • To provide experience and critique from top judges in order for people to evaluate their horses abilities before actually going to a show.
  • To enable children from Riding Schools to participate in various riding disciplines without incurring the major expense of traveling numerous children and ponies to shows.
  • Reducing the need to always the correct showing dress for riders
  • An opportunity for people with nervous horses or no transport to be evaluated on their progress.
  • No traveling, no stress, no riding in public and your own time frame to get your test ridden, videoed and your photos taken. for submission.
  • To provide a fun way to enter classes and be evaluted.
    Classes will include some traditional showing classes and dressage tests but will also include a lot of fun and different classes so that there is a class for every kind of person and every kind of equine.


Enter a Training Event

ThinkingRidingInline is an online Virtual Training platform designed to encourage equestrians to participate without leaving home.
Have your skills and progress evaluated and ongoing progress accessed by highly qualified and experienced judges and coaches. So go to the Calendar and enter a training event, be assessed by top judges, learn – and have FUN


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