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The success of any online programme is dependent on the equestrian environment  actively supporting training events and contributing to feedback.

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If you are a coach in any of the disciplines and feel that you have a wealth of knowledge that you would like to contribute to the Resource Library, please contact us to chat about how.

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ThinkingRidingOnline is looking for experienced coaches and judges to do the evaluations and assessments on the videos and photos submitted. If you feel you have the skills and the time please contact us.

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By using the Resource Library you will be constantly improving your knowledge and adding to your skills level – join up now.


You will have full access to our Resource Library and all the material and links in it.

Coaching and Teaching Tools

Coaches will contribute valuable teaching tools to the Resource Library that will be available to you

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You are welcome to ask questions if you cannot find information relevant to your question.


Our Resources Library will also have our own material contributed by extremely knowledgeable judges, vets, coaches, trainers and equestrians in South Africa, and Internationally.  Also included will be links to other interesting training sites and material.

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