Pricing Guidelines


Library access is free

Anyone can access the training materials in the library. However you may be asked to sign up to protect the proprietry information in the Resourse Library.

Video Entries

Has a fee per submission depending on the training event.


Has a fee per submission depending on the traning event.


Applies to all disciplines

All video submissions will have a fee as per each event

Up to 6 minutes in length

R150 includes video & feedback

Double submissions as in Ride&Go

R250 includes 2 videos & feedback
R200 for Walk/Trot Dressage Tests


Applies to all disciplines

Images will all have the same entry fee for all events

General submissions

R50 per image

Multiple submissions

Will be advised per event

Enter a Training Event

ThinkingRidingInline is an online Virtual Training platform designed to encourage equestrians to participate without leaving home.
Have your skills and progress evaluated and ongoing progress accessed by highly qualified and experienced judges and coaches. So go to the Calendar and enter a training event, be assessed by top judges, learn - and have FUN


Open 24 hours a day
Events submissions:
As per schedules

Contact Us

(27) 78 416 4538

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