What is “ThinkingRidingOnline”?

ThinkingRidingOnline is an online equestrian training platform designed to encourage people to submit videos and photos for evalution purposes without having to actually physically go to a show. All entries are via photographs or videos.

The main objectives are: To reduce costs; encourage nervous competitors; expose riders to top judging; enable every Riding School to enter pupils; reduce stress; and provide a fun yet professional platform for riders who are not close to show venues or are too nervous to attend actual Shows.

Right to deny submissions

ThinkingRidingOnline reserves the right to deny entry to a class. If a video is submitted and excessive use of a whip or spurs is evident, or a horse appears lame, ThinkingRidingOnline can deny entry and entry fees are forfeit. The photos and/or video may also be reported to the relevant authorities to follow up.

Safety Equipment

ThinkingRidingOnline strongly recommends that appropriate safety equipment should be worn at all times in the photos and videos entered. Judges may look unfavourably on submissions depicting behaviour they feel is unsafe. This includes hard hats, correct footwear, correct tack for horses and safety of the environment.

Dress Code

Like any assessment, the smarter the better! Riders are expected to present themselves and their horses as smartly as possible. Please make sure whatever you ride in is not baggy. Ride in a tucked in t-shirt with sleeves, or a waistcoat. Judges like to see what the riders are doing!

The Rider: Correct riding helmets and footwear with a heel must be worn.
Gloves must be worn. These can be black, white, cream or dark blue.
Body protectors are allowed, including air jackets.

If you are riding in full competition gear, please tie a yellow or white ribbon/string to your arm over your jacket to show this is not a previously judged video.

The Horse: Legal and correct Bridles and bits should be used as for all competitive dressage
Neck straps may be used at all levels.

Bitless dressage will be permitted.
Horse should have white bandages on their legs to enhance visibility for the judges.

Video Rules

The video must have sound and NO cuts. It must start 2 seconds at least before the rider enters the arena and (preferably) 4 seconds after the rider salutes at the end. Show some of the Free Walk leaving the arena.

Judges comments

The Judges comments are final in all situations. No communication or discussion will be entered into by ThinkingRidingOnline. However as this is a training platform, if the judge agrees, and in exceptional circumstances, there may be communication entered into to discuss a relevant point. This might incur additional expense in the form of a “lesson”.

Video entries on multiple horse/rider combinations

Only one video entry per horse/rider combination in the same class.

Horse and rider combinations can enter more than one class but so as to be fair to other riders, they are NOT permitted to enter a class more than one level below their highest entry. So for example, if you enter an Elementary class, the same horse/rider combination will not be able to enter a Prelim class

However another rider on the same horse may enter either the same class, or a different class – horses and ponies can be ridden by more than one rider.

Entry fees will not be refunded once your entry has been accepted.

Anyone can enter

These classes are open to all, you do not have to be a member of a Discipline to enter. However any rider younger than 18 years must have parental permission to enter.

Forfeit of Entry Fees

If we have contacted you for additional information but have not heard back by the closing time or date of submissions – horses name, ages, collages to be made, or any other questions, your entries will also be withdrawn, and fees forfeit

Public domain

No submissions will appear in the public domain. Hiowever, by submitting an entry you are accepting this. t

All submissions will have a waiver on them asking if the submission may be entered int our Resource library. This is a restricted level entry but photos and videos may find themselves in a public domain.

If submitting a video, you must have sought permission of ALL people appearing in a photo/video to submit it.

Judges Decisions

The judge’s decision is final – please remember that submissions into ThinkingRidingOnline is voluntary and a for training purposes

All tests, videos and photos will be judged according to the specific rules of the disciplines and by Qualified Judges.

Evaluating will be done by judges recognised on an international and national level and their decision will be final. While every effort will be made to constructive and accurate feedback, entrants must remember that the entries are via photos and videos and possible errors in interpretation may occur.

No correspondence will be entered into once the feedback has been passed on to the entrant.

Old Photos and Videos

Submission of horses that have passed away or have been sold are also permitted as long as the owner has given permission for you to enter in the case of horses that have been sold. Photos and videos do not need to be recent when entering Golden Oldies classes. However some classes are age related so ensure that you give the age at the time the submitted photos were taken.


Poor quality photos/videos will detract from the subject and make judging/evaluating more difficult so ensure that good quality images are sent in.

ThinkingRidingOnline reserves the right to delete poor quality submissions and entry fees will be forfeit.


Make sure your videos and photos are the correct way up. The photos will have the correct parameters in the instructions.

All videos must be submitted in a landscape view ie turn your phone sideways when recording.

Re-submitting Photos and Images

No photos or videos previously entered in a ThinkingRidingOnline event may be re-entered in a following show. This applies to all photos unless an exception is made and noted on the submission instructions

Photoshopped Images

No photoshopped photos may be entered. No images that have been edited to change the main subject of the photo can be used, unless specified in the schedule. Cropping of images is allowed.

Watermarked Photos

No watermarked images can be used. All photos submitted must carry credits of the photographers if taken by a professional. Professional entries without a logo, or watermarked images will disqualified and entry fees forfeited.


While every effort will be made to adhere to the above time frames, occasionally delays may happen. Entrants will be notified should this be the case.

Evaluation Timeframes

Once entries have been accessed all results will be individually passed to each entrant

a.Photographic entries will be given within 3 days of close of entries

b.Showing videos will also be available within 3 days of close of entries.

c. Dressage Results will be available within 5 days of the close of submission

d. ThinkingRidingOnline will endevour to provide all results withing a 2/3 day window after receipt of all entries for a particular event

Calendar of Events

A full calendar of events will be available as well as events within each discipline

Payment of entries

Local entries: Must be paid via EFT into the account shown here. And POP sent to entries@horseshowsonline.co.za with your entry. The reference number will be your name and the Show entered. If using cellphone banking then POP must be sent to the above email address and the reference your name, and Show .

Account details:
Horse Shows Online
Capitec Bank
Savings Account
Bank Code: 470010
Account: 1348329155

International entries: To be advised .

Entry fees

Entry fees must be paid in full when submitting entries and unpaid entries will be withdrawn from the show. Entry fees are on each schedule but a general overview is also available to view

How do I send my Photos and Videos?

Submission is really simple and there are a number of ways to send in your entries.

1. Select the event you want to enter and make sure that you read the conditions attached to each class carefully.

2. Entry via the Website is the preferable way to submit your training photos. You simply click on the form that shows the entry, select the classes you will be entering, upload the photos for each class, complete the payment via EFT/System request, upload the POP and click send.

4. To submit Video entries, follow the steps above but videos must be loaded to a blind Youtube URL and the link sent to us via an email or on the form. All details are on the website.


ThinkingRidingOnline is a virtual Training Platform with their own rules and conditions. Videos and Photos submitted for evaluation purposes will need to adhere to the rules of the relevant Equestrian body in South Africa as recognised judges will be doing the evaluations. However the Equestrian bodies will not be held responsible in any way for any decisions made by ThinkingRidingOnline.

How often will events in the different disciplines be run?

At least 2 events in each discipline with be run each month but more can be added in the demand requires it. This will be at the organiser’s discretion.

How do we know what is required for each class?

All classes in an event will have a clear and defined description of what is required in terms of the photos or videos for that class and this will show on the schedule for each Event. In some cases a single photo is requested and in others more than one photo can be entered. Videos need to conform to certain standards. Read the description of each class thoroughly – it tells you exactly what the judge will be looking for and how your photos and videos should represent the class requirement in order to maximise the feedback opportunity from the judge.

Who will do the evalutions and assessments?

All the teaditional photographic submissions and video tests will be judged by highly qualified and experienced judges. The Fun Classes will be judged by experienced horsepeople and sponsors.

Professional Status

In order to maximise credibility and general public awareness, and to be recognised by the Professional equestrian discipline bodies in South Africa, ThinkingRidingOnline is run with the support and knowledge of SAEF and the EquestrianCoachSA, and the normal rules of judging and competing will apply in the relevant classes.

Enter a Training Event

ThinkingRidingInline is an online Virtual Training platform designed to encourage equestrians to participate without leaving home.
Have your skills and progress evaluated and ongoing progress accessed by highly qualified and experienced judges and coaches. So go to the Calendar and enter a training event, be assessed by top judges, learn - and have FUN


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