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Learn your Horsemanship

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Build confidence in riders of all ages

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For adults, children and coaches

No travelling, no stress, no riding in public

Videos & photos submitted online, evaluated and feedback given

A fun way to enter events and be evaluated

Have top qualified judges evaluate you

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Reduce the cost of having trainers come to you

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Encourage riding schools to participate

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Reduce General Entry Costs

Learn about different Equestrian Sports

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Coaches be coached

Resource Library COMING SOON

Submit videos and photos online for evaluation and feedback from top judges. Full resource library Coming Soon!





“Dressage is the art of teaching the horse to carry you. Riding is the art of learning to be a good load to carry.”
– Richard Weiss.

ThinkingRidingOnline offers all riders and in fact anyone involved with horses, the opportunity to “learn to become a good load to carry” through regular evaluation of their skills through photos, videos and a Resource Library.

ThinkingRidingOnline offers the opportunity to submit photos and videos online to be evaluated and accessed by top judges in each discipline. You will get constructive feedback and the opportunity to enter training events as often as you wish. ThinkingRidingOnline will be adding training events on a regular basis so that each discipline offers a minimum of 2 training events per month.

Start today - its easy to enter training events

What we do

Provide an online platform for "learning" focused  on "Horse and Rider Well Being", including riding disciplines and coaching as well as the opportunity to be evaluated in the form of videos and photos.

Horsemanship Skills

Gain confidence as a rider through having your skills assessed by top judges without having to actually appear at a show


Submit photos and videos for evaluation by top qualified judges and improve your knowledge and skills over time.


Build confidence and have some fun while  having your own skill as a rider evaluated, and assess the progress of your horse too.

How it all works

ThinkingRidingOnline is for all sorts of equestrians - coaches, riders, Mom's, people just starting out, riders wanting to try a new discipline, in fact all those interested in horses and riding.

For Coaches and Riders

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Evaluation from top level Judges

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Learn and have fun!

Participate in our training events, access the Resource Library, find coaching material or learn from our top judges. Sign up for a training event now - and have your videos and photos evaluated.


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