Our Purpose

ThinkingRidingOnline is an online Virtual Training platform designed to encourage equestrians to participate without leaving home.

The main objective is for riders to have their skills and progress evaluated and their ongoing progress accessed by highly qualified and experienced judges.

The emphasis is that this is a TRAINING platform not a COMPETITION one. Riders who submit their videos and photos will all receive constructive feedback, which will be supported by available material in the Resource Library.

All participation is via photographs or videos.

The Resource Library will have material to support all aspects of Riding and Training and supplied by top coaches and judges.

When: Launching 1 July 2020

Where: South Africa & International

Seats: Limitless

Resources: Library, Training Events, Evaluations and Feedback

Courses: Training & Evaluation

Events: Submit Videos & Photos Online

On Offer

ThinkingRidingOnline will offer a minimum of 2 training events per discipline per month, and more if the demand requires it.

A selection of Events will be on offer including, but not limited to, the following:


Ride&Go Dressage Tests

From Walk/Trot tests to Advanced

ThinkingRidingOnline will offer a selection of tests for each event, and these tests will be the current DSA tests.

Showing Classes

learn about the art of showing

Podcasts and short video clips will be made available for learning purposes and then the rider will encouraged to try it out themselves and submit photos and videos for evaluation


Videos and short articles will be available

Learn about the wonderful sport of Eventing, and maybe try out a few things related to the sport.

Resources & Events

More and more content will be added to the Resource Library as it becomes popular and more people begin to use it.

There will be contributions from top coaches in the form of articles, short vidoes and podcasts. They will also be linked to quizzes and short evaluation questionnaires.

ThinkingRidingOnline will also have links in the Library to other valuable training tools and videos, all designed so support the various events which will be happening.

Training Event Calendar

A full calendar of all events is available under the “Whats’s On” section and individual discipline calendars are also available under each discipline.

We will be adding training events for each discipline on a weekly basis.

Enter a Training Event

ThinkingRidingInline is an online Virtual Training platform designed to encourage equestrians to participate without leaving home.
Have your skills and progress evaluated and ongoing progress accessed by highly qualified and experienced judges and coaches. So go to the Calendar and enter a training event, be assessed by top judges, learn - and have FUN


Open 24 hours a day
Events submissions:
As per schedules

Contact Us

(27) 78 416 4538

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