What is Dressage?

Dressage itself is a way of training and riding your horse. The actual word “dressage” is French and evolved from the verb ‘dresseur’ meaning ‘to train’. Both the horse and rider are athletes.

The dressage training of the horse no matter their breeding is to help the horses build balance, symmetry and strength so that it can use its body properly, the actual training of dressage and its foundations will help all horses in all riding disciplines.


ThinkingRidingOnline is an online platform designed to encourage equestrians to submit videos and photos for training and evaluation purposes without having to actually physically leave their property. Each training video will be assessed by highly qualified and experienced judges, and feedback given.



The Dressage section is here to offer riders the opporutunity to submit videos of dressage tests or movements conforming to certain structures and guidelines for the purpose of having top judges evaluate the test submitted, and to give the rider constructive feedback.

From time to time, ThinkingRidingOnline will also offer riders the opportunity to submit videos of young horses doing certain movements and get constructive feedback from our judges. Videos will be limited to a maximum of 6 minutes for each submission for these training videos.

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